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Farewell 2016

This is my last editorial for Dubbo Weekender as I’m hanging up my editor’s hat and pursuing that alluring dream of business ownership under the name of YAF Media.

I’ll still be writing anything and everything from white papers, business blogs and Facebook campaigns, plus continuing to freelance for media. 

So this is goodbye to a great team of writers, whose work and opinions you’ve been privileged to read.

I say priveleged because the pool of experience and talent which contributes to the Dubbo Weekender is enormous, spans decades and comes from many fields of expertise, even international borders, and for a regional publication, is very unlike anything else you’ll find in regional Australia.

It is something Dubbo can be proud of. It’s a local business with a difference and a window on our fast paced world which actually demands you sit for a while and drink in the stories and information.

Tony Webber (opinion), Greg Smart (opinion), Sally Bryant (opinion), Stephen Lawrence (opinion and law), Fayrouz Tawfik (European events - France), Richard Serisier (Wine - France), Cheryl Burke (Dubbo Regional Theatre), Vivienne Winther (Macquarie Conservatorium), Leonie Ward (Dubbo Artz), Mathew Dickerson (technology), Kerrie Phipps (motivation), Cynthia Foley (historical research), Debbie Dixon (infant health), Camilla Barlow (cancer), Dr Ai-Vee Chua (health), Jenna Christen (Watercooler), various writers from Regional Development Australia Orana and Erin Michele (Tree Change) and John Cunningham (president, REINSW) all cover a diverse range of topics every week.

Then there’s the inhouse team of Natalie Holmes and John Ryan. Natalie is a seasoned journalist and editor in her own right who I’d want on my editorial team any day for her consistent excellence in journalism.

John Ryan brings passion to every single story and a fearless insistence to know the truth, able to tackle the hardest issues but also be compassionate. His breadth of knowledge about this community, the people in it and their own back stories, good and bad, is an invaluable asset and it’s been a great learning curve with John on the team.

Such an honour to be at the helm of a formidable pool of talent who are the eyes and ears for an editor giving me a vantage point across many issues and what I see through the eyes of these writers is a region and world better explained and understood.

I hope you have too.

Thanks to everyone for your support and I wish you a happy Christmas and a 2017 filled with opportunity to create cherished memories with the ones you love.

All the best


Yvette Aubusson-Foley

Yvette Aubusson-Foley is a Dubbo journo, who spent time living and raising her family in the USA, but has now returned to her home town.