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National Pyjama Day

It’s been described as ‘skanky’.



Just mentioning it can draw looks of horror, shock and dismay.

“If I see it, I ‘look away’,” one colleague said.

“It burns my eyes,” said another.

In some parts of the world it’s actually illegal but right here in this city, there are those who move among us, acting as if their appearance is perfectly normal, or they’re not openly crossing social or cultural boundaries to offend, startle or dismay. 

They pretend it’s business as usual.

But it isn’t.

You’ve seen them.

Perhaps, you are one of them?

Wandering the aisles in supermarkets casually looking at cereal boxes or waiting patiently for your slices of ham, oblivious to the sideways glances sent your way in splinters of distrust.

You might frequent service stations, fuel up your car wondering like we all do, are you about to pay for petrol that stays in the hose, but when you walk to the counter, casual but unnatural, you slay social expectation.

You are powerful. You turn heads.

But it’s absolutely like you don’t even notice.

You don’t actively seek attention but once we see you, we want - we can’t - look away at the same time. You leave us torn, conflicted and socially disassembled.

There’s nowhere to run from…

People wearing their pyjamas… in public.

Now I preach tolerance where I can. Creed, colour, income, it’s all by-the-by. What matters is that when you venture out into the world and you’re over 16-ish, your PJs must stay at home.

Granted, there might be valid reasons. You’re sick, alone, you have to go out and can’t find the energy to change. Hugs.

You have amnesia or can’t tell night from day. You could be sleep walking.

Only, you drove there, so that’s highly unlikely.

What actually is your game?

Tesco’s in the UK banned pyjama wearing in its chain of stores. Government workers in the UAE also are forbidden to wear their PJs to work. 

Yes it is harsh. For a reason.

Can you imagine the gaol cell banter? 

“What are you in here for, son?”

“I wore my pyjamas… in public.”

“What?! Were you sleepwalking?”

“No I just felt like ice cream. It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

The good news is, that for those of you who secretly wish you could wear your pyjamas to work or downtown, Friday, July 21, is all the permission you need, because it’s National Pyjama Day.

National Pyjama Day recognises the needs of kids in foster care, and supports them through the Pyjama Foundation with educational opportunities. 

It’s a chance to raise a little cash for kids in need. 

Are you in!?


Yvette Aubusson-Foley

Yvette Aubusson-Foley is a Dubbo journo, who spent time living and raising her family in the USA, but has now returned to her home town.