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How to stop Time in the Spring

Do you ever have days where you’re 100 per cent certain you can feel the Earth spinning on its axis? Actually rotating at its 1600 kilometres per hour or whizzing around the sun at 30 clicks per second!?

Stop the bus!

Information overload, the Digital Age, robots taking our jobs, doubts about dual citizenship, cranky North Korean leaders with ‘mine’s bigger than yours’ syndrome, the constant gnawing hope Australia will one day win Eurovision... none of these issues ever help ease that sense of unease; of never being able to switch off.


Is there a place left in the world where can you actually get away from it all; to genuinely slow or even stop Time?

Where can you pause and just be in the here and now, with no distractions.

Well there’s good news. (There’s bad news too, but let’s talk about that later.)

You, are in the right place to find that moment where all other thoughts can be forced from your mind, and you can be free of almost all your worries (let’s leave room for just one), and sharpen your mind to a crystal focus.

No need for mood lighting, spa music, patchouli incense or soft cushions. All you need to do is run.

Not that kind of running. This can be a lycra-free experience and its available right here in the sunny city of Dubbo.

It’s not unique to our five fabulous wards, but only in Australia can you bring Time to its knees.

Remember when you last opened your energy bill? It’s a bit like that.


If you’re getting the premium Time stopping experience, however, Time may seem to be going backwards in a ‘my life flashed before me’ kind of Time flip.

It’s not a wormhole but it is very giddy stuff.

It has that intoxicating rush of brushing your teeth with hot peppermint toothpaste then drinking an ice cold orange juice straight afterwards.

Did I mention there might be some discomfort?

This is the bad news. The Australian Time Stopping Method (ATSM) can sometimes hurt. It’s not unheard of that you may even lose an eye.

Hey. Life wasn’t meant to be easy.

That aside (you can still see with your good eye), the ATSM is not for the faint hearted and while it will take you to an exhilarating place where you will simultaneously be vulnerable and empowered (to run quickly), you will never feel more alive or at the very edge of your own destiny.

You may even feel as if you have two hearts.

You know what I’m talking about.

The magpies... are coming.

Yvette Aubusson-Foley

Yvette Aubusson-Foley is a Dubbo journo, who spent time living and raising her family in the USA, but has now returned to her home town.


#1 Carol Macpherson 2017-09-19 10:06
Greg ~ I have to tell you that "Love is a Many SplendOURED Thing". ('Splendid' makes no sense!)