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Tell the story like it is

IN the last Weekender edition for 2012, popular journalist John Ryan indicated that his column would be his final contribution. I am one of those who looked to his writings on the state of the local scene as high quality and defined vital issues that one did not find elsewhere. It made the Weekender stand apart as a communicator even though it was published weekly.

The lucky country

GIVEN that my birthday falls the day before our national day, people have always told me that I’m lucky. That I am fortunate to always have a public holiday the day after birthday celebrations. That being born so close to Australia Day is a stroke of luck which connects me with national pride.

Adios 2012 – it’s been fun

It’s customary at this time of year for editors to get all doey-eyed and reflective with indulgent tributes to the sound judgement of loyal readers, the faithful ministrations of contributors and the generally humbling good fortune of being in such an esteemed chair.