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Police called to break up brawl at showground

Police were called to a brawl outside the Hopetoun Street gate of the Dubbo showground at around 9.30pm last night (Saturday, May 12).

"About 15 to 20 juveniles were involved in a fight, as well as using offensive language," Inspector Dan Skelly said.

"At the time, a large crowd of show-goers were coming and going and being exposed to the unacceptable behaviour the juveniles were displaying. Upon police arrival the group was initially broken up with a number in the group being given a direction to move away from the area.

"One of the group members returned and commenced to entice another young person into a fight with the use of offensive language and threats. Police then arrested the juvenile who then became aggressive and abusive to police. The juvenile had to be restrained by two officers.

"Several others in the crowd that formed then turned on the arresting police by approaching them and trying to interject, using offensive language. Other police arrived and the situation was brought under control.

"Two female adults were also arrested after they hindered the police efforts to restore calm by continuing to approach police and using offensive language towards them. They were charged with hinder police and use offensive language. The juvenile arrested will be processed under the Young Offender's Act," Insp Kelly said.

"Despite all involved in this melee being given numerous warnings from police to desist in their behaviour they continued with their offensive conduct, exposing many law-abiding citizens to their outrageous and disgraceful behaviour.

"Many families with young children, just wanting to enjoy the atmosphere of the show, had to contend with a group of individuals who couldn't care less about the anguish and upset caused by their behaviour.

"People that think they can get away with using aggressive tactics and offensive language in public, think again. Police will show zero tolerance to these people. They will be arrested and held responsible," Insp Kelly said.