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Wray of sunshine

BuzzFeed’s video producer Nick Wray BuzzFeed’s video producer Nick Wray

Former Dubbo lad Nick Wray has spent time as a Cleo Bachelor; been an editor at MTV; “stood awkwardly in a sunglasses kiosk at the mall as people walked by” and was fired from a local fast food outlet. Now a video producer for BuzzFeed, Weekender gave the versatile ex-pat a quick quiz about what makes him tick. As told to Ella McMillan

When did you move from Dubbo?

I left Dubbo in 2011 just when I turned 19.

Where did you move to and why?

I left to go to Southern Cross University in Lismore to study Media and Film after a gap year. After a year at SCU I transferred to Macquarie University in Sydney.

What do you miss about Dubbo most?

I miss my family and my mates, the laidback lifestyle and not having to pay for parking.

What did you want to be when growing up?

Shannon Noll.

Who is your spirit animal?

Shannon Noll.

How would your friends describe you?


How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own vision?

Success is having a Wikipedia page that you didn’t write yourself.

What are your three favourite movies?

(500) Days of Summer, Knocked Up and Sleepwalk With Me

If you could be a character in any movie, who would it be and why?

Me as a character in a movie has been done. Jim in American Pie sums up my teenage years quite perfectly... minus the whole pie thing.

How you spend your down time?

WWE Network and chill.

What types of things do you see in your Facebook feed that you find most intolerable?

Rants. I was guilty of this when I was younger, but... come on, guys.

What’s the most money you’ve ever spent at McDonalds and what did you buy?

I lost my apron when working there when I was 14 and had to buy a new one.

Where were you on the day Steve Irwin died?

I was actually in the principal’s office because I taped a fight on my Motorola flip phone.

How would you sum up your university experience?

“Scrubs” by TLC.

Which Spice Girl can you most relate to and why?

Shannon Noll.

Describe a moment when you “fangirled” the hardest?

I met Prime Possum at Orana Mall once. That was dope.

What’s the worst thing a relative has ever said to you?

“Who are you again?”

Do you believe one man can change the world? Why and how?

Nah. Everything’s a collaborative effort.

What’s your current job title?

Video producer for BuzzFeed.

What have been your previous job titles and where were these jobs?

Editor at MTV; I stood awkwardly in Orana Mall’s Sunglass Hut as people walked by; and Hungry Jacks Dubbo... from where I was fired. I had a lot of other jobs throughout the years but they’re my favourites.

What’s been a career highlight?

In 2014 I interviewed a potato.

What have been some challenges you’ve faced?

Saying any word with the letter “S” in it.

Do you think it’s harder for country kids to make it in the big city?

Yes and no. I think the biggest part of making it in the big city is moving away from home, which is the most terrifying thing.

What’s been one of your favourite projects to work on?

In 2014 I wrote and directed a short film called “You’re Welcome” which had only one dick joke in it – so that was a true sense of accomplishment.

Describe being a CLEO Bachelor?

It was a very weird and foreign experience for me but it’s a pretty cool thing to tell people about over beers.