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Scallywags wanted for photographic fundraiser

Some of the Dubbo and Aussie kids who've been part of Renee Brazel's previous photographic fundraisers. Some of the Dubbo and Aussie kids who've been part of Renee Brazel's previous photographic fundraisers.

Kids aren’t supposed to spend half their life staring blankly at a dimly lit screen – they should be out playing in the mud and climbing trees. The latest photography project by born and raised country girl Renee Brazel aims to celebrate kids being kids.

Renee will be photographing in Dubbo soon, as she gathers images for her “Scallywag Collection”, a photographic art book that will raise money for Kids Helpline, Australia’s only 24/7 counselling and support service for children and young people.

“This is the fourth book project I have brought to the Dubbo area, with the first trip being in 2008,” Renee told Dubbo Photo News.

“I love the diversity of shooting when I come to Dubbo. I have photographed in some amazing places around Dubbo, like Oxley Downs Outback House, although some of my favourite memories and images from the area are simply kids running in long grass and kicking dirt!”

Renee was raised in Tamworth and has published six books in the past, helping to raise over $40,000 for Camp Quality, Make A Wish Foundation and Kids Helpline. The Brisbane-based professional photographer has gained international recognition for her down-to-earth images of kids being kids.

“The Scallywag Collection is designed to encourage and inspire kids to get out of the house and play, use their imaginations and showcase their personalities – it’s not about clean faces smiling straight at the camera,” Renee added.

“The project is open to all children aged from 3 months through to 12 years. It is not a beauty competition. Every child photographed has their image published in the book and all for a $50 donation to Kids Helpline. Kids can be photographed with siblings, cousins or as individual children.

“The photographic shoots will happen on location showing some of the unique scenery the Dubbo area has to offer,” she said.

Renee is looking for local kids for a photography session on May 14 and 15. To secure your place, phone 0411 432 491 or visit www.scallywagcollection.com.au.

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