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Sarah’s out to beat the boys

Sarah Collins. Photo: Supplied Sarah Collins. Photo: Supplied

Last week’s high-octane karting action at Lincoln County Raceway was one of the most exciting weekend’s ever for the sport with hundreds of parents and supporters joining drivers of all ages for Round 1 of the National Championships

ABC journalist Lauren Millar went trackside as young and old were refining their machines and unearthed a couple of red-hot karting racers.

Sarah Collins has been racing for four years, starting when she was 11.

“I was always at the track with my dad and my 16 year-old brother so I thought I’d give it a go. I wanted to beat all the boys,” Sarah laughed.

Soon Sarah was not only beating they boys – “they hated it!” – she was climbing the ladder in the competitive karting world. Two years ago she was third in the State and has set her goals on becoming Number 1.

Sarah says her introduction to the sport has opened her eyes and she has lot’s of new friends.

“Dad encouraged us to get involved because he thought it was better than hanging around town on weekends and getting into trouble. He has always been with us but mum’s not so keen on going to the track.”

“Dad was right about us doing great activities. My brother and I don’t have time to get into trouble now,” she said proudly.

Although she was nervous at first – “I ran fifth out of five, but still got a medal” – Sarah says she is now as driven as anyone.

“Some people think it’s a bit different for a girl to be racing; most just tell me it’s awesome that I am involved.

Sarah Collins is fit, fast and furious, “extremely competitive” and “out to beat the best”.

Declan “just can’t get enough”

One of the colourful characters suited up at Lincoln Park last weekend was 15 year-old Queensland junior champion, Declan Fraser (pictured).

Declan says he “couldn’t wipe the smile off my face” when he qualified to step up to the seniors.

“Speed always makes me excited,” Declan proclaimed. “Stepping up means more powerful cars and that means more kph!”

Like Sara Collins, Declan says the adrenalin rush, being with friends and family and travelling around the country to events make karting lots of fun.

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