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Proud to be Australian

Australia’s national day on January 26 holds a different meaning for everyone. PRUE BURGUN asked a cross-section of local residents just what Australia Day means to them.

Brian Tink (1)
AUSTRALIA DAY is a time to sit back and reflect on what I have achieved personally for the country but also what Australia has achieved.
It gives you the opportunity to talk about Australia’s heritage with your family and enables you to get a better outlook on your country.
I’ve travelled all over the world with my sport and to other countries where you have to do what you’re told but in Australia we are given freedom of choice, which is something to celebrate.
Belle Scott (2)
FOR me, Australia Day represents communities and nationalities coming together to share common ground, as we are all so fortunate to be an Australian.
I think to be fully Australian, the criterion is to be spirited, accepting, humorous and legendary.
Australia Day is 24 hours of celebrating true Aussie pride with cool beverages and a barbecue.
James English (3)
AUSTRALIA DAY represents all that is wonderful about our country.
It is appreciating how privileged we are living in this country while participating in activities that are truly Australian.
To be an Australian is to relish the Australian lifestyle.
It is to have pride in our country and to accept all Australians for who they are through mateship.
Barbara Clark (4)
AUSTRALIA DAY means the birth of Australia as a nation. It’s a day to get together with friends and to cheer people on who are getting awards.
To be Australian, one has to be free and lucky that they can live in a country that has everything.
It is important to celebrate Australia to keep the spirit of Australia alive and incorporate new Australians into our way of life.
Peter Skordalis (5)
AUSTRALIA DAY gives you the opportunity to celebrate the best country in the world.
I moved to Australia when I was 17 but I feel more Australian than Greek. I feel like I’m a part of this country.
We can celebrate Australia Day every day of the year if you’re a good citizen. I’m proud to be Australian.