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Master classes for chef in training

DESSERT queen Maddison Gibbs is one of 32 finalists chosen for the Fonterra Proud to be a Chef 2013 mentorship program and has the opportunity to attend three days of master classes delivered by world-leading chefs and industry experts in Melbourne this month.

Greek teachers learn bush culture

IT’S a stinking hot day in Dubbo and the mercury has almost hit 44 degrees. But it’s probably not that much worse than an Athens scorcher, a city which once struck 48 degrees and is renowned for being one of the sunniest places in Europe.

GEN GAP Living in a regional city

GENERATION GAP... RESEARCH from a recent study conducted by Suncorp Bank revealed that half of the top 10 family-friendly cities in Australia were smaller regional centres, with Launceston, Tasmania coming out on top in terms of access to schools, health, childcare, income and housing.

Chance to train the trainers

FITNESS clients will soon have the opportunity to train their trainer, thanks to a fundraising effort being coordinated by local go-getter Rod Fardell.

Ashes to ashes: How the beautiful ‘Bungles turned treacherous

In the line of fire: It might be Australia’s oldest and most beautiful mountain range, but the Warrumbungles turned deadly this month when flames ripped through the national park in one of the state’s worst ever bushfire events. JEN COWLEY revisited her old home patch during and after the crisis,…

Baptism of fire

Manuela Lucia Ebemsberger is 20 years old. She’s Italian. She’s petite and strikingly pretty Italian.And she’s just been through the kind of experience that many Australians grow up fearing innately, but few actually face – the wrath of an out-of-control bushfire.

Tasmania: Open for business

Tasmania is known for being somewhat wetter and greener than its eastern states cousins. However, as KIM V. GOLDSMITH discovered, Tasmania has another face.

What’s to celebrate? Why Dubbo needs an iconic festival

The regional festival calendar spreads across the year, with sport, performing arts and various cultural celebrations in the annual mix. KIM V. GOLDSMITH asks why festivals are so important to regional communities and looks at where the city of Dubbo is up to in developing its own festival identity.