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Blood moon rising

Blood moon. Photo: Dubbo Weekender/Steve Cowley Blood moon. Photo: Dubbo Weekender/Steve Cowley

Many a local photographer turned their lenses skyward on Wednesday night to capture one of the heavens’ most impressive phenomena – that of a total lunar eclipse, or a Blood Moon.

Australians had front row seats for the rare sight, which happens when Earth lines up in a perfect line between the sun and the moon.  During the eclipse, which visibly lasted for more than an hour from around 8.30 on Wednesday night, the moon took on a beautiful but eerie red glow, the result of the earth blocking the light that’s usually reflected on the moon from the sun.

Unlike a solar eclipse, it’s perfectly safe to watch the emergence of a Blood Moon with the naked eye.  Our region was among the luckiest in terms of clear viewing, with bright and cloudless skies offering stargazers and snappers alike a stunning view of the second such Blood Moon to grace our skies this year.

Regular Weekender photographer Steve Cowley took this shot during the event, as it appeared above Dubbo.