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Hub Style 21.01.2016

W’s Chesser Island Dress

A work-inspired shirt dress that wears easy and can be layered over jeans or tights. Made from a durable twill fabric from an organic cotton/linen blend. Find it and more at www.patagonia.com.au for only $109.95.

Van Der Faun fragrances

Every girl needs the perfect fragrance, find two beautiful scents, made ethically and organically at www.vanderfaun.com. Hummingbird is a light, sweet and flirtatious scent with hints of rose, honeysuckle, geranium, bergamont, palmarosa, amyris and patchouli. River is a warm, spicy scent with a fresh citrus overtone, soft wild flower notes and a solid earth base with hints of neroli, geranium, bergamont, sweet orange, patchouli, cedarwood and clove bud. Both are available in a 60ml size for just $79.99 or a sample pack of 5ml of each for just $19.99.

Who Made My Clothes?

Head onto fashionrevolution.org to become a fashion revolutionary! Find information on the production of clothes in the fast fashion industry and what you can do to help make a change. Find cool graphics and images to use for your own social media pages and let people know you are making a difference!