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The history behind the headstones

Local retiree Karlyn Robinson never set out to write a book about a cemetery but the lure of a bushranger’s...

Opinion & Analysis

Greg Smart - avatar Greg Smart | 10.09.2021

9/11 then and now

This column was written and originally published in Dubbo Photo News’ “Dubbo Weekender” in 2013. We’ve republished it today to...

Greg Smart - avatar Greg Smart | 26.08.2021

The seeming enigma of Afghanistan

“We were devoid of a fundamental understanding of Afghanistan – we didn’t know what we were doing...” “What are we trying...

Riverbank Frank Doolan - avatar Riverbank Frank Doolan | 12.08.2021

On the passing of Hal Wootten, a great lawman

As I mourn the passing of a great Australian and a man I called the lawman, Hal Wootten, I wonder...

Greg Smart - avatar Greg Smart | 15.07.2021

COVID is no place for politicking in Australia

Think of the three ideal characteristics a country should have to fight a global pandemic. First, an island with no shared...


“Bomber” and “Wallo” enjoy catch up with old boxing trainer

Famed Australian coach of many champions, Johnny Lewis, flew into Dubbo recently and there to greet him were two of...